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Lightweight and designed to offer maximum comfort on long journeys.

The Biomorphic Dry Skin Adaptive Stretch shuttle fabric is a benchmark in terms of lightness, breathability and drying speed: it is equipped with a particular elasticity ideal for supporting the muscles and guaranteeing, at the same time, a optimal degree of compression, to maintain the right vascularization and the best oxygen supply to the muscles.

Equipped with the innovative Air XTRM Dual Pad, developed within the Powerlogic Lab, which thanks to the two separate elements eliminates any possible rubbing and irritation, significantly increases breathability and comfort, thanks to a of 120 Kg / m3.

  • Back in breathable mesh Dry Aero Tech Snake Skin - minimalist construction to keep the body cool and not invade the shoulder area
  • Front V construction for added comfort and waist support
  • Mesh elastic for front braces
  • Leg bottom with Grip Fit XLight elastic with internal anti-slip silicone
  • Reflective applications on the bottom of the leg
  • Ring for audio device cable on
  • shoulder strap
  • AirXTRM Dual Pad: up to 8 hours of pedaling.
  • Designed and made in Italy on precise rh + specifications, the brand new Air XTRM Dual Pad radically changes the concept of the traditional bicycle seat pad, becoming a real reference in terms of comfort and breathability. precise: in contact with the cyclist we find in fact an elastic surface, preformed and characterized by a highly breathable 3D mesh structure, enriched with carbon filaments with antibacterial functions. Inserted inside the shorts, on the other hand, we find the actual Airmesh padding with a double honeycomb structure, with a density of 120Kg / m3 and a thickness of 10 mm. These two elements are not bound and this is the great advantage of the new Air XTRM Dual Pad: the structure in contact with the skin always remains stationary while only the external pad, made of resistant anti-abrasion fabric, moves with the pedaling gesture. This translates into great comfort and the total absence of any possibility of skin abrasions or irritation due to rubbing. The holes in the part in contact with the cyclist are a "dynamic" mesh and open and close with movement, thus promoting breathability.

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Hello today my beautiful dmt kr3 arrived delivered in 2 days. thank you to Luca who has dispelled all the doubts I had. great professionalism thank you Luca.

Paolo P.

I just bought the dmt shoes, excellent shoe, maximum availability of the seller, and they arrived directly at home within 3 days.

Luca G.

What do I recommend? Kindness professionalism !!! In our field it is very important. I from Rome have always advised him and I have also bought Maybe to have a professional like that in Rome !!! Thanks Luca n1

Roberto B.

Very satisfied with the purchase made thanks to Luca, a very prepared and kind person who knows how to give excellent advice on the matter, excellent quality winter technical material and very aesthetically beautiful. Thanks !!!

Franco Di G.
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